A Talent Agency Dedicated To Casting & Managing Digital Influencers 

Est. 2014


INF Influencer Agency is in partnership with The Feldman Agency, one of North America’s premiere music management groups with over 40 years in the entertainment business, and a wealth of experience in artist representation, talent management & booking, event services and corporate consulting.

INF represents a curated roster of top online personalities and social media Influencers, spanning areas of fashion, beauty, food, home, parenting, lifestyle and travel. 

Each INF Influencer has an authentic voice and engaged loyal following. They’re trendsetters who influence millennial behaviour through their beautiful photography, captivating video and copy full of personality.

And, we can't wait for you to meet them!



The INF Team


Jessica Thomas Cooke

Director of Talent

Jessica's experience in PR, social media, and television & film casting, has allowed her to excel in talent management.



Vanessa Godinho

Senior agent

Interested in all things creative and social media, Vanessa loves seeing Influencer campaigns come to life.  Vanessa excels in talent relations.  



Hilary JOHAL

Director of Brands

Specializing in brand deals and partnerships, Hilary has experience in marketing, brand relations & strategy 





Arianna is a creative thinker with a knack for social media. With a background in Communications, she is passionate about the Influencer industry. 


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Alex Brown

senior agent

Alex learned how to cultivate brands and develop creative and effective content through her experience in start-ups.



People are saying the nicest things about us!


Communications Leader

                 Yves Saint Laurent | Giorgio Armani | L'Oréal Parfums


Working with INF Agency is an absolute delight! They have the best Talent and the best Team. Since I started working with INF, in 2015, the entire process has run smoothly. INF Agents are prompt and efficient; they always works hard to ensure that each campaign is truly customized and aligned with our brand goals. They are the best partner I could recommend to any brand who wants to succeed in the digital and influencer world!


Director of Lifestyle Leisure & Resorts

 Diamond Public Relations

“As we all navigate this unchartered world of social media Influencers, it’s great to know we can trust the experts at INF to be sensitive to our clients’ needs and budgets. They have an excellent understanding of how to align their Influencers with the right brands in order to reach everyone’s goals and will work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to ensure all parties' objectives are met.”

Ashley Turnbull

Social Media Manager


“Working with INF has been an absolute pleasure.  Communication was seamless and they have gone above and beyond in fulfilling all deliverables.  They are able to identify an organic fit between their talent pool and the brands they work with.  We are looking forward to working with INF again in the near future.”