Breanne Williamson

breanne williamson

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North Vancouver native, Breanne Williamson, is a proud member and advocate of the LGBTQ+ community who has built up an impressive online following as a YouTube, Podcast and Instagram personality

While her content mainly focuses on lifestyle and travel, Bre hosts a weekly podcast entitled I Can Explain - a LGBT+ focused podcast where her and co-host Sean answer all the questions you are too afraid to ask. 

Bre’s personal brand stands for living authentically and vulnerably, lifting up others, and therapy through laughter. She loves empowering brands to stand out and use in out-of-the box marketing strategies, as well as empowering her fans, who refer to themselves as the BTeam, with the tools to live a full life. Some notable collaborations include McDonalds, Steamworks Brewing Co., Evo Car Share and Stolichnaya Vodka.

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