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Why is Influencer Management a necessary service?

Models and photographers have representation, why shouldn’t Influencers?

Talent image is very important. INF is here to develop, market and protect that image. As an Influencer Management Agency, we help grow Influencer's personal brand, develop opportunities and manage offers. We guide their careers, manage legal and admin (there is a lot of contract review!) and allow them to do what they love: create content and engage with their fans.

What is the current role of Influencers? And why should brands invest in this group?

Influencers are the new celebrity. They are relatable and have unique personal styles, set trends and influence purchases. 

Our Digital Influencer Programs revolve around driving traffic, sales and awareness towards a product or service.

Brands are investing in Influencers to increase their visibility and social platform numbers, differentiate their product from the competition, create content and ultimately generate revenue.

Is getting paid to collaborate with a brand "selling out"?

No! The talent we work with are standouts. Not only do they have some of the largest online followings in Canada, USA and beyond, they also have integrity.

They are true to their personal brands and are very accountable to their followers. They won’t ‘sell out’ their image for a paycheck. The opportunity has to be right and we have declined opportunities that aren't a perfect fit.

Do INF Influencers accept editorial or sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! All of the talent we work with accept editorial opportunities. Please note there is no guarantee of publishing.

What is the future of blogging/influencing? 

Influencers prove to have an effect on purchasing power and brands are noticing. We've said it before and we'll say it again, Influencers are the new celebrity.

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