Mariah Leonard

mariah leonard

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Mariah is a makeup expert and former freelance beauty columnist based in Los Angeles, California. Raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, she’s long had dreams to make the big-city move to work in the beauty industry.

After earning a BA in Magazine Journalism, she had a hard time finding work in NYC, and instead shoved her foot in the door of the beauty industry via social media. She found traction, and since 2013 has worked creatively with some of the most prominent global beauty brands—from her tutorials being featured in NYX Cosmetics stores across the world, to a Times Square Billboard with Revlon, to working with Michelle Phan as a brand ambassador for EM Cosmetics, to flexing her creativity in a myriad of digital and physical beauty campaigns.

She’s learned directly from some of the most prominent brand owners in the industry and applies that knowledge to her videos with her signature humorous candor. This mix of knowledge with unfiltered honesty—and a peek of what life in LA is like from the eyes of a transplant trying to find her footing—is what has drawn her audience in, all of whom experience her life and career alongside her through her makeup tutorials and reviews.




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